Tired of Empower Network?

Is Empower Network not what you thought it would be?  Are you tired of all the cursing?  the prodding to go “all in”?  Are you tired of being called a “wussy”?

If you are then that is ok.  There is a much better online business community  that will teach you how to market online.  This community will teach you how to make a living online without having to subject your family and friends to the profanity and bullying that is prevalent in Empower Network.

This community will also teach you how to ethically market without having to resort to telling “half-truths” to put it nicely, although I know a lot of people that would flat out call them lies.  On top of that you won’t have to re-post your mentor’s “success posts” onto your Facebook wall talking about how much money they made that day.

Profanity and Bullying

I want you to stop everything you are doing right now and ask yourself a few simple questions.

  • Do I appreciate the way Empower Network members treated me when they were trying to get me to join Empower Network?
  • Did I enjoy the constant pressuring to go “all in”?
  • Would I want to subject my family and friends to the same treatment that I experienced?
  • Will my mentor give me the time of day and help me if I haven’t gone all in?
  • Do I think Empower Network is being honest when they say all you need is $25?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions then I recommend that you quit Empower Network right now and not invest another cent into it.

Why would any sane person try to get their friends and family to buy into a program for $25, when they know that they are going to badgered, pestered, and bullied until they go all in and spend more than $5,000?

Only $25/month – “Half-truth” #1

Why would any ethical person promote a product that claims that all you need to make the amount of money they are making is $25/month when at the very minimum to get paid commissions you need to spend another $19.95 a month for the ewallet?

I still have a hard time believing that Empower Network hasn’t been sued or shutdown just because of this fact alone.

100% Commissions – “Half-truth” #2

On top of that how can you stomach telling people that they will receive 100% commissions when in reality this is not the case?

While it may be true that you get 100% commissions on all of the commissions they give you, they do not give you 100% of all the commissions that you generate for them.  This is due to some of your referral commissions to be “passed up”

This is like taking someone out to dinner and telling them that they can eat 100% of their meal.  However, then you tell them that by 100% you mean that they only get to eat 100% of 7 of their first ten bites.

I don’t know about you, but where I come from if you don’t eat 100% of every bite then you haven’t eaten 100% .  The same goes with commissions.  If you don’t get 100% of every commission you generate then it is not 100% commissions.  Period. End of story.

I’m sure you have heard all sorts of justifications about why this isn’t the case, but when it comes down to all of the justifications are just semantics and “word play”.


Do you really want your family and friends to be called a wussy and subject them to the profanity of the Empower Network?

I know I don’t and I won’t.  There is no reason to do this other than the fact the Empower Network founders have built it into their company culture.  Personally, I feel this type of degrading behavior is rather destructive and has no value.  I think it is much better to foster a nurturing and caring environment.

A Cleaner, Friendlier, and More Truthful Internet Marketing Community

I would like to introduce you to a community that I’ve been a part of for the past 5 years.  During these five years I’ve seen how much the owners truly care about the members.

I’ve seen them continually improve and upgrade their system.  They have managed to create a community that actually cares about each others success.  Here you will find people that are willing to help you with all aspects of internet marketing, even when they don’t make a dime for doing it.

These people just care about helping other people, because they know what it was like when they were starting out.  They know how grateful they felt when people helped them out without demanding anything return.  Because of this feeling of gratitude they go out of their way to help fellow members.

If It’s Broken, Get Rid of It

The reason why Empower Network doesn’t feel right to you is because it’s not right for you.  Empower Network is chalk full of “half-truths”.  In order to be successful in Empower Network, you will have to learn to look past these “half-truths” and even perpetuate them yourself.

You don’t have to do this.  You don’t have to compromise your values and morals to be successful at internet marketing.  All you have to do is be willing to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

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