SiteFeedback – Another Pair of Eyes On Your Website

Let’s face it, there comes a time when you reach a point with your website that you know something can be improved, but you don’t know what exactly can be improved.  You’ve been looking at your website so long that you don’t see the glaringly obvious things that you can do to make your website better.

Get Feedback From Other Website Owners

SiteFeedback is another tool within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  It’s very similar to the SiteComments feature and uses the same credit system, but it differs in regards to its purpose.  Whereas SiteComments is designed to get quality comments on your website’s posts and pages, SiteFeedback is designed to give you private feedback about what other people think you can do to improve your website.

How It Works

After you have bought credits or left feedback for other websites you can request to have feedback given to your website.  Unlike SiteComments, your website does not have to be hosted with Wealthy Affiliate in order to take advantage of this feature.

You simply submit  the URL of the website or a specific page on the website that you want feedback on.  You then select from a drop down menu the type of feedback you would like.  You can select from five options:

  • Feedback on my content
  • Feedback on my site design
  • Feedback on the layout of my page
  • Feedback on my use of images and media
  • General Feedback

You then select the number of comments you wish to receive, up to the number of comments you have credits for, and submit your request.

Once your request is submitted, the system will display the URL that you want feedback on and the type of feedback you want to another Wealthy Affiliate member that is using the SiteFeedback system.  They will review your page and give you constructive criticism.

Complaints About SiteFeedback

As with everything else, SiteFeedback is not perfect.  One of the complaints that many members have is that they get a lot of SiteFeedback telling them how amazing their site is and that the person reviewing the site couldn’t think of anything to improve upon.

While comments like these are nice, if the person isn’t just blowing smoke up your butt, they defeat the purpose of the system.  The whole reason you use SiteFeedback is to get constructive criticism that you  can take into consideration in order to improve your website.  If people don’t give any  constructive criticism or feedback, then website owners that are looking for ways to improve their websites are back at square one.

Overall Thoughts

It’s definitely a useful tool to get someone else’s eyes on your website and to [potentially] get some honest feedback about your site.  Personally, I’ve used SiteFeedback a few times, but I think if you are going to use credits they are better off being used on the SiteComments system.

If you have a great eye for spotting areas that could be improved upon on other people’s websites, this might be an easier way for you to get credits than the SiteComment system.  Since SiteFeedback and SiteComment share the same crediting system you can earn credits by giving SiteFeedback and then use those credits to request comments from the SiteComments system.

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