SiteComments Explained

SiteComments is a featured that is built into the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  It gives  premium Wealthy Affiliate members the ability to request comments on any of the pages on their website. It is tightly integrated with Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix web hosting platform, and as such requires members to host their websites on Siterubix should they want to use this feature.

How Does SiteComments Work?

SiteComments is based on a credit system.  Each comment you request will require you to use two credits.  You can either buy credits with cold hard cash or you can comment on other member’s website who have requested comments through the system.

If you have the money, credits will cost you $0.50 each with a minimum purchase of 2o credits($10).  If you choose to comment on other peoples’ websites you will receive one credit per comment.  Essentially, you have to comment on two websites in order to receive one comment for your website.

Once you have either bought or earned credits you can use those credits to request comments on your website.  When you submit the request, you have the option to receive the comments immediately or spread them out or 7 or 14 days.  You specify the website and the page on that website that you want comments.  After that, the system will present your page to someone who is trying to earn credits and they will read the page and leave you a comment.

SiteComments Check and Balances

As you can imagine, there are always people who are trying to do the least work required, this is also true when it comes to SiteComments.  People on occasion will leave very general comments in a effort to get credits without a lot of effort expended on their part.  Also, a lot of people tend to confuse SiteFeeback with SiteComments.

To combat this Wealthy Affiliate implemented a system where you can approve or decline the comment.  If you feel that the comment you received was absolute crap, you can decline it and your page will go out in the system in order to receive another comment.  Also, the person who left the crappy comment will not receive credit for it and their percentage of approved vs declined comments will be affected.  If enough of their comments are declined, at some point they will no longer be able to use the system.  If you feel the comment can be salvaged, and you are so inclined, you can edit a comment to your liking.

The SiteComment feature also has an algorithm built into it that ensures the comment is of a minimum length and that it hasn’t been duplicated anywhere else.  This ensures that people won’t just copy and paste generic comments over and over again.

Benefits of SiteComments

There have been numerous members of Wealthy Affiliate that have reported a positive effect on the volume of organic search visits to their websites.  Most of the members seem to think its because the search engines see the posts as being constantly updated with fresh new content and also that the comments themselves provide additional keywords that give the posts additional chances to rank.

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