Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday OfferWealthy Affiliate has continued their tradition of offering a discount for their premium memberships. It’s a little different this year in that you now can choose between two membership levels: Premium and Premium Plus. The new membership level is a part of their latest design change/platform upgrade.

The Deal

Duration: You have until 3:00 am ET on 12/4/20 to take advantage of the offer.

Price point:

  • Premium – Normally $49.00/month or $495/year. If you pay for a year upfront they’ll give you $100 off which amounts to $395/year.
  • Premium Plus – Normally $99.00/month or $995/year. Save $200 if you pay a year in advance which amounts to $795/year

Membership perks:

I’m not going to spend a lot of time here going over everything they list on the page, but here are some things I felt were pretty significant.

  • Premium Plus
    • As a part of the Black Friday deal, they are giving you access to Jaaxy Enterprise which retails for $99 month. This is a keyword research tool that lets you find good keywords fast. This saves you $1,188 if you wanted to use this tool. This is ultimately what caused me to upgrade to Premium Plus even though I was grandfathered into Premium at $299/year and Jaaxy’s Pro membership level at $19/year.
  • Premium
    • Similarly they’re including Jaaxy Lite as a part of the Premium membership level. They list is as a $19/month value. Jaaxy’s website only specifies Pro and Enterprise levels, so I’m not quite sure what the limitations of the Jaaxy Lite version.

All the other things on the page have been pretty standard fare at Wealthy Affiliate. The Premium Plus member primarily just gives you access to more website resources and training classes:

  • Premium members get access to 52+ live video classes per year while Premium Plus gets access to 200+ classes per year
  • Premium members can host 10 websites while Premium Plus members can host up to 50 websites.
  • Premium members are allowed up to 250,000 monthly visits on their websites while Premium Plus are allowed 1,000,000 monthly visits to their websites.

Last Words

If you’ve been kicking Wealthy Affiliate’s tires wanting to give it a test drive now is the time to do so.

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