Who Are Kyle and Carson? – Wealthy Affiliate

After reading through some old posts, I noticed that I tend to reference two guys quite a bit who are named Kyle and Carson.  In case you didn’t know, Kyle and Carson are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a website that trains people on how to make, market, and monetize websites for new and/or existing businesses.  The focus is mainly around affiliate marketing, but the same techniques can be used to promote e-commerce websites or websites for brick and mortar businesses.

I personally don’t know much about Kyle and Carson and I definitely haven’t met them in person, but there are other members of Wealthy Affiliate who have.  I do know that they are based out of Canada and that they’re both married and have children(based on profile photos), but that’s about as much as I know.  If you want to know about them then you are going to have to do your own stalking or join Wealthy Affiliate and ask them yourself… 😉

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