SiteManager – Wealthy Affiliate’s Web Hosting “Control Panel”

SiteManager, as the title of this post implies, is more or less the web hosting control panel of Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix web hosting platform.  It’s not a normal web hosting control panel, so if you were expecting something like Plesk or Cpanel you might be a little disappointed.

What Does SiteManager Give Me?

SiteManager is essentially a page on the Wealthy Affiliate site that lists all of the websites that you currently have hosted on their SiteRubix hosting system.  This will list both your free and premium SiteRubix websites.  In each website section you will have key information about your website which I have talked about pretty extensively in my SiteHealth post.

Something that is worth mentioning is that WA has implemented a password management system within SiteManager.  With two clicks you can automatically be logged into your website, and you can also generate a new password with a click of the button.  This makes it really easy to setup a complex password without having to worry about memorizing it.

From within SiteManager there is an option to go to a “Details” page which show you your FTP credentials for the website.  On this details page you also have the ability to turn on or off SiteSSL and SiteProtect, which are collectively known as SitePlus+, with their respective toggle buttons.  This details page will also show all of the plugins you currently have installed on your site, an explanation of the different features that SiteRubix is comprised of, and a chart that lists all of the entitlements that are included within a premium SiteRubix website.

Final Thoughts

Well, there really isn’t much more to say.  It’s just basically a dashboard that lists key information about your websites that are hosted on the SiteRubix hosting platform.

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