What Is SiteBuilder?

SiteBuilder is Wealthy Affiliate’s tool that you use to create both free and premium WordPress websites.  With just four simple steps that take maybe 5 minutes(if you don’t take an hour trying to pick out a theme) you can have a WordPress website up and be ready to start writing and publishing website content.

SiteBuilder – WA’s Latest Website Building Tool

Wealthy Affiliate hasn’t always had SiteBuilder.  Their very first website building tool was called SiteRubix.  In it’s original form, SiteRubix was an html templating system that allowed you to easily create static html websites without having to hand code everything from scratch without knowing anything about html.

Eventually WordPress became pretty ubiquitous in the online world as a website platform.  Wealthy Affiliate then implemented a new feature on their platform called WordPress Express.  This tool functioned similarly to SiteBuilder and allowed members to quickly create WordPress websites.  During this time SiteRubix still existed, but was pretty much neglected.

Eventually Wealthy Affiliate decided to re-purpose the SiteRubix domain and turn it into a WordPress hosting platform.  They then came up with SiteBuilder which is a more streamlined version of WordPress Express tool and, as mentioned in the first paragraph, SiteBuilder is how you install WordPress websites onto SiteRubix hosting.

Why SiteBuilder?

For more technically inclined folks and experienced webmasters, installing WordPress is a pretty simple process.  However, for people who have only used the internet to consume content as an average website visitor, digging into the back end of a web hosting account is pretty intimidating.

SiteBuilder allows non-technical people to get a website up and running fast.  Not everyone cares or even wants to know about the technical details.  However, a great deal of people care about being able to make extra money online.  By removing the technical barrier of putting a website up, SiteBuilder allows people to focus on marketing their websites instead of setting them up and maintaining them.

Free and Premium SiteRubix Websites With SiteBuilder

SiteBuilder allows Wealthy Affiliate members to build both free and premium SiteRubix sites.  A free SiteRubix site is a website that is a subdomain of the main SiteRubix.com domain such as example.siterubix.com.  In this case, “example” is the subdomain.

A premium SiteRubix website is one that you are able to associate your own domain that you have registered with a domain registrar.  In order to install a premium SiteRubix website you must be a premium Wealthy Affiliate member and you must have registered a domain and set your domain’s name servers to Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting platform’s name servers.

Last Thoughts

I really have no complaints about SiteBuilder.  I think it’s a great tool that is easy to take for granted.  I know without it a lot of members would have to spend way more time setting up websites than they do now.

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