SiteEmail – Wealthy Affiliate’s Take On Domain Email Hosting

SiteEmail is Wealthy Affiliate’s implementation of domain email on their hosting platform.  To be able to use SiteEmail you must have a premium subscription to Wealthy Affiliate which include’s the web hosting as part of the membership

Not So Great In The Past, Getting Better

I’m going to be honest with you, Wealthy Affiliate’s email system hasn’t been that great in the past.  I remember trying to fool around with it years ago and being able to receive email to domain email accounts I had setup, but not being able to send outgoing email.

I also remember several members trying to use Outlook to send and receive domain email through the Wealthy Affiliate domain email system, but not being able to.

Fortunately, this has gotten better in recent years.  I just recently transferred all of my domains back to Wealthy Affiliate and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had fixed this system and that I was able to send and receive email now(although I firmly believe they should have had that ability years ago.)

Current Implementation

Currently the SiteEmail system has its own tab on the “Websites & Hosting” page within WA.  Once you are on that page, you are presented with two options: create an email account or create an email forward.

If you choose to create an email account, WA will setup an email account and you will be able to log into an email dashboard to view, send and receive email.  They will also give you outgoing and incoming account credentials, so you can send and receive domain email with the email client of your choice.

The other way Wealthy Affiliate let’s you handle your email is by setting up an email forward that can forward your email to another email account, like your personal gmail account if you wanted.

SiteEmail Drawbacks

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been crazy about the SiteEmail system and I’m still not too crazy about it, but it works.  I would like to see Wealthy Affiliate implement secure email protocols giving you the ability to securely send and receive emails from their email servers securely.

Another major issue I have seen is with their SPAM filtering.  While they’ve done a great job with filtering out comment spam with their WordPress web hosting platform, SiteRubix, they haven’t done as good a job of protecting against email spam.    Since I’ve transferred my email to their email hosting it seems like I have been getting phishing emails that I haven’t gotten when I have hosted my email at other email hosting companies.

Right now I have a free Gmail account setup to retrieve emails from the Wealthy Affiliate email servers.  Fortunately, Gmail is able to spot these phishing emails, sends me an email about them, and leaves them on the server.  However, it would be nice if Wealthy Affiliate would prevent them from even landing in my inbox in the first place.

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