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SiteSupport is what Wealthy Affiliate calls their support service that deals with SiteRubix hosting issues.  If you’re a premium member you can expect 24/7 support and extremely fast ticket response times.  It’s not uncommon to get a response within a few MINUTES.  I think they have always gotten back to me, at the latest, within a few hours.

Compare that to a hosting company like HostGator where sometimes you’re lucky to get a response at all, but are more likely to have your ticket put “On Hold” without any sort of acknowledgement.

Painless Ticket Submission

Submitting a ticket with SiteSupport is just as easy as building a WordPress website with SiteRubix.  It’s just a simple four step process consisting of:

  • Answering “Yes” or “No” if the question is related to your website.
  • Selecting one of your domains that is hosted with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Choosing the category of the problem.
  • Finally, typing in your question.

Fast Ticket Response Times

I mentioned this earlier, but I’ve had SiteSupport respond to my email within minutes(no exaggeration.)  Out of all of the companies that I have dealt with in my life time, Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteSupport is possibly, probably, the most responsive customer support I have ever experienced.

I’m not really sure how Weathy Affiliate has SiteSupport structured in regards to staffing levels, but one thing is for sure, whatever they are doing is working very well.

Types of Things That SiteSupport Handles

As you can imagine with most WordPress hosting companies, Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteSupport will handle things like issues with plugins, themes, speed, login, SSL certificates and more.

As amazed as I am with their response times, I’m probably even more blown away with their level of customer service.  I’ve seen people on Wealthy Affiliate talk about how they cancelled their membership, rejoined a year later, contacted SiteSupport and SiteSupport was able to restore their website copy from a backup.  I don’t think there are very many web hosting companies that provide that level of service, if there are any, other than Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting service.

SiteSupport is also very helpful with non-routine requests as well.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting service can be a little restrictive.  They do ban the use of certain poorly coded plugins and if you use a lesser known plugin, any outgoing API calls that the plugin uses may be blocked by a firewall.

I’ve contacted SiteSupport with an issue about a plugin and they were definitely willing to work with me to allow the API call through.  Ultimately, I didn’t end up using the plugin, but I have no doubts that they would have worked with me on it.  As long as your request is reasonable and isn’t going to negatively impact the security of their hosting platforms, they’re willing to work with you.

Final Thoughts

SiteSupport provides excellent customer service and fast response times.  It’s definitely a big “value add” to the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform.

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