Goodbye Prosperent – Not That You’ll Miss Me(Or Care For That Matter)

This post is really long overdue.  Part of me wanted to wait so I wouldn’t post something out of an emotional reaction, but part of it has been that I’ve just been busy with other things.

Today, I’m going to talk about my crappy experience with Prosperent Cloud Hosting.  It all started when I heard about the Prosperent plugin through a private Google+ community.  It was recommended by the community organizer, who is a successful marketer, so I decided to check it out. Basically what it does is it allows you to easily monetize your site by putting ads and links on your site from a wide range of merchants.

After running this plugin on my site that was, at the time, hosted on HostGator, I received an email saying that I was abusing CPU resources.  In order to continue using the plugin I signed up for Prosperent Cloud Hosting.  Through the same private Google+ community I mentioned earlier I was given a month free trial.

A few days after my free trial was up I noticed that I had not been invoiced. I sent an email(since I didn’t have any option to submit a ticket) asking if there was anything I needed to do to get invoiced in order to pay my bill. I got a reply from Brian Lovette saying he would take care of it in the morning.

Things got busy for me and fast forward to the Monday after Black Friday weekend. I went to my website and found an “account suspended” page plastered across my domain. It turns out that Brian Lovette had NOT taken care of things like he said he would and my website had been down from November 25, the day they suspended my account. To be fair, an account suspension email had been sent on November 25, but I didn’t find that email until I discovered the account suspended message on my website. The message had landed in my junk folder.

I could have forgiven everything that had happened if after I notified them of the situation they would have fixed the system and invoiced me. The only email response I ever got from Brian was that he saw my account in the system.

My last correspondence to him has never been replied to.  What type of company doesn’t invoice or bill you even when you send them multiple emails asking them to?

Ever since then I’ve  pretty much been done with Prosperent, Prosperent Cloud Hosting and their plugin.  I still had it on my website because I was too lazy to deactivate and take the short code off of the pages. Recently, I went in and removed all traces of it from my website.

Buyer Beware:  If you do decide to use Prosperent Cloud Hosting, make sure you have a good backup in case they decide to make it impossible for you to pay your bill and subsequently wind up having your hosting account with them canceled.

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