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I originally started this blog awhile back in November 2010 after beginning a 30 day club(this has evolved into what is now known as the “Affiliate Bootcamp” with Wealthy Affiliate. Basically, for 30 days I received an email with tasks to accomplish for the day. Needless to say, I never followed through with it and this blog has sat dormant ever since.

It’s time to dust it off and breathe some new life into it. 🙂 I realize that I’m pretty much just talking to electrons right now, since I most likely don’t have any subscribers, but we’ll change that shortly.

What I’ve Been Doing This Year

My focus this year has to been to spend money on advertising. I noticed in past years I spent money on courses, but I never implemented those courses. This year I am focused on spending money on advertising instead of courses.

Late last year I decided to focus on the dating niche. I came across a dating guide called Insider Internet Dating that I decided to start promoting. I bought a bunch of PLR(private label rights) material and cobbled together an ebook to give away in exchange for people’s email addresses.

I setup a squeeze page and drove traffic to it using’s self serve advertising platform. I ended up spending $200 and getting six subscribers.

At that point I decided that I needed to find more information on how to effectively advertise on PlentyofFish. I did some research and came across After reading virtually every single post on his blog I decided to join which he recommended. I’m pretty glad that I joined I learned a lot from it. If you’re doing any sort of Facebook, PlentyofFish or PPV advertising then you should check  it out.

After I joined I became a little distracted with CPA dating offers. I tried to promote some with PoF, but ultimately didn’t end up making much money. I mostly direct linked and I didn’t try to send the visitors to a landing page before sending them to an offer page. If I had done that I might have gotten a campaign profitable. I spent about $2800 total on advertising with PlentyofFish and I think I made about $400 in commissions.

I think there is definitely profit to be made with PlentyofFish, I just need to improve my skills on creating ads and start putting up landing pages. That is going to have to wait.

I’m finally getting back into the PPC game after having my Adwords account suspend by Google in 2009. I didn’t feel like trying to open up another account with them to try to get back in, so I half-heartedly tried some SEO and article marketing. Like I said I didn’t put a full effort into it so you can imagine that my results were virtually non-existent.

I think paid traffic is where my heart is at and that is where I am going to focus on.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be focused on using MSN’s adcenter to drive PPC traffic on Bing and Yahoo. I think I will continue to promote Insider Internet Dating with it as well as Wealthy Affiliate. These are two products that I really believe in.

The reason I believe in insider internet dating is because you see a lot of CPA offers being promoted trying to entice guys to sign up for a different dating site. The ads will say stuff like “Women will pursue you on this site.”

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Signing up for a different dating site won’t create the immediate success a guy is looking for. He’s going to encounter the same problem that he is on He’s still going to have problems getting women to email him back, call him, and meet up with him.

What Insider Internet Dating does is it educates men on how to make their dating profiles stand out. It teaches them what pictures to post in their profile, how to write an interesting, captivating profile, and how to compose emails that get responses back from women. This in my opinion is the solution to the problems men encounter with online dating.

I mentioned the other thing I would be promoting was Wealthy Affiliate. I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2009, and I am still a member. I really like the atmosphere. People help other people in there. They are constantly adding new training in there. A big reason to this is because the members have an incentive to create training, which is a good thing. They have a new webinar about once a week called WAbinar, which is a contraction of WA(short for Wealthy Affiliate) and webinar. On these webinars they talk about various items. The last one which I watched today talked about PPC marketing with facebook and google.

Anyways, I feel like I’m getting to that point where I’m just rambling on and going off on all sorts of random tangents which means it’s time for me to start bringing it to a close. This is what I’ve been up to so far this year. I’ll keep you posted on what I’m doing throughout the rest of the year.

If you have any questions or comments post them below.  🙂

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